We reach over
150,000 engaged
users monthly.

We provide our advertising partners with the opportunity to
engage with a highly-targeted audience across multiple media touch points.
High Engagement Level

In addition to reaching hundreds of thousands of users monthly, our visitors interact with our sites in great depth, ensuring your branding is possibly seen several times each visit.

Smart Audience Segmentation

Whatever audience sub-segment you would like to reach with your advertising, our sites can give you unparalleled control over which users you target.


The visitors to our network are looking for brands to engage with and be influenced by, as active and in-market consumers.

Engagement across all platforms

As a result of our very active social media presence, strong features and site content,
thousands of users engage with our network on both mobile and desktop platforms daily.
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We Understand Business

Dealer Media Australia has a strong understanding of the needs of our corporate partners. Our senior management team have several decades of experience working in some of Australia’s largest truck, farm and construction dealer organisations, giving us an insight into how we can produce the best outcomes for our advertisers, dealers and site users.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a positive and engaging site experience for our users, whilst driving strong, qualified enquiries for our dealers.

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